Five Approaches for you to pay attention to audiobooks in the vehicle

The current pace of life has become much faster than it was a few decades ago. Today we have to do everything on the go and in such a rush, unfortunately, there is little time left for reading a book. Fortunately, the solution to this problem has long been invented – audiobooks are an excellent reading format, in particular for those who have a busy schedule. All you need is a pair of headphones and your favorite book in audio format. Fortunately, technology has gone even further and now it is possible to enjoy audiobooks while driving, but there may arise questions about how to do it. To answer them, we have compiled 5 tips on listening to audiobooks while driving a car.

Most often, the audiobook format is suitable for long trips behind the wheel, in particular, when traveling. A big plus of audiobooks is their portability, you can listen to them absolutely everywhere, there are no particular criteria. It doesn’t work that way with a car, it’s not always quite convenient to take a car during your holidays to another country, in that way the perfect solution for a convenient vacation are car rental services. They are becoming extremely popular now because of their mobility. While having a vacation in Dubai, you can use rental car rental service Renty and get any car of both economy and premium class for any time. You can even take a sports car to drive at the highest speed along the motorways of the city. Moreover, it won’t cost a fortune as rental providers how to listen to phone in car offer best prices on the market and what’s most important, you have complete freedom to enjoy the city on your own. If you want to drive around the city worry-free, then purchase an auto insurance policy for your rental.

To begin with audioformat of books, let’s figure out what are the methods of listening to audiobooks particularly in the car, through which system they can be listened to.

By using Bluetooth


If your car model is fairly new, precisely, if it was released less than 10 years ago, then your car should have a Bluetooth system. So all you need is to connect your smartphone to the car radio via Bluetooth. Then you will be able to listen to your audiobooks through the speakers of your car wirelessly.


AUX or auxiliary port, is the most versatile and easiest option. Even if there are other connections available in your car, your phone may not always connect to the same Bluetooth system that your car has, they may not be compatible. The AUX wire looks like two ends of headphones, one end of which connects to the AUX jack of your car and the other end to the headphone jack on your smartphone.

Supported file formats

Compatibility issues may also arise between your car and the audiobook, especially if it is a non-standard file that cannot be supported in the car’s audio system. Before downloading an audiobook, you need to check which popular formats your device supports, such as MP3, WMA, etc.

Android Autoplay

If you have a car compatible with Android Auto, you can enjoy audiobooks and podcasts through your car’s built-in display and stereo system. The only thing you need is to connect your Android phone to the car’s stereo system using a USB cable and that’s it.

Apple Carplay

This method is a special one, because it only works for those people who have a car compatible with Apple CarPlay. There is a very limited number of car models that support such a system. If you are lucky to have that system, then a USB cable is the only necessary thing. Pre-download any book on your iPhone and simply play it in the car player.

It is essential to add that, first of all, the main thing behind the wheel is safety and your attention on the road, not everyone can approach the format of audiobooks or radio, for someone the only option is light music which couldn’t distract you. Choose audiobooks to your liking, let them not be too heavy for understanding, an uncomplicated plot or some funny stories would be perfect for long trips